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Neo Barista Milk System Cleaner (Liquid 1 Liter )

Neo Barista Milk System Cleaner (Liquid 1 Liter )

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NEO BARISTA Milk System Cleaner
The milk dries on steam wands very quickly after the frothing process and dried milk is incredibly hard to remove once caked on. Caked-on milk will build up and within a couple of hours will begin to harbour bacteria that in turn gets injected into the fresh milk as it is steamed. Also at automatic cappuccino frother service machines, the milk proteins always stay inside the plastic pipe leading to bacteria and clogging. With the Neo Barista Milk System Cleaner, protein residues, bacteria and condensation in the pipes are removed and clogging of your machine is prolonged.



– Add 50 ml (approx 1 espresso cup) of Neo Barista Milk System Cleaner to 1 liter of clean and room temperature water.
– If there is no special cleaning instructions in the manual of your coffee machine, press a menu such as making a milky coffee and let it take the solution instead of milk.
– You can repeat this process until the solution is finished. Then rinse the process with 1 liter of clean water.

This solution can also be used for cleaning the steam rods. Open and close the steam valve to the inside of the steam rods while the steam valve is in solution. With this process, the solution will be drawn into the steam bar.