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Neo Barista Espresso Machine Cleaner (Tablet 2gr)

Neo Barista Espresso Machine Cleaner (Tablet 2gr)

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Tablet cleaner applied in periodical cleaning of home or industrial type espresso machines. Neo Barista Tablet is a product that is used periodically to clean coffee residues that occur in espresso machine and to prevent smells and stale coffee odors.


Place 1 Neo Barista Tablet Cleaner into the porta filter of your machine. Unless otherwise specified in the machine instruction, open and close 5 times with an interval of 10 seconds. Then rinse your coffee machine system with plenty of water.
In order to clean porta filter, strainer and similar metal espresso equipment, add 2 Neo Barista tablets in 1 liter of hot water in a container and let it dissolve.
Insert the metal parts (spoon surfaces) of the porta filters in the hot water and be careful about the handles (rubber, plastic or wood) so that they do not touch the water.
You can keep the spoons in water for half an hour or longer. Now you can easily clean the porta filter with a sponge or cloth.
This product does not leave any residue in the beverage or device and does not contain any harmful substances.

Neo Barista Tablet structure can break quickly.
Avoid contact with plastic, rubber or wood. It may turn color.
Store in a cool and humid environment. It is recommended to consume within 1 month after opening the box.