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Located in the eastern of Africa, Kenya has been recognized for producing one of the brightest, juicy and high quality specialty coffees in the world.

VARIETAL: SL 28, SL 34, Ruiru 11

PROCESSING: Fully Washed

ALTITUDE: 1,400 to 2,000 meters above sea level


REGION: Western & Central Kenya

TASTING NOTES: Red Apple, Red Cherry, Sweet Strawberry

Like a gift of nature, the Highlands of Western and Central Kenya combines just the right amount of sunlight and rainfall, providing excellent conditions for growing coffee plants. Its volcanic soil and abundant phosphoric acid makes Kenyan coffees taste clean and lively.


Farmers selectively handpick ripe cherry and deliver it to washing stations near them. Some producers process cherry on their own farms. Cherry is carefully sorted at intake where under- and over-ripes, along with any foreign matter, are removed.
Once sorted, ripe, red cherry is added straight to the hopper and pulped using either a disk pulper or, if it's on the farmer’s own equipment, a small drum pulper. Coffee is fermented and then washed in clean water to remove any remaining mucilage.

Wet parchment is sorted and any damaged beans that remain are removed. Then, parchment is moved to raised beds to finish drying. Here, it is turned regularly to ensure even drying and covered at the hottest part of the day and overnight to prevent cracking and/or condensation. Workers will also
regularly inspect drying parchment and remove any damaged beans. Drying time is usually around two weeks, depending on the weather at the time.
Once dry, parchment is delivered to Kahawa Bora Millers, one of our Sister Companies in Kenya. The mill has the capacity to mill smaller lots separately to help preserve quality and traceability.


SL28 and SL34 are exceptional varieties. Their cup profiles has impressive brightness and punchy acidity. The SL name comes from the “Scott Laboratories”, a British coffee research programme that was operating in Kenya in the 1920’s and 30’s.


In the aroma, predominant intense and fresh red apple. In the flavor, you will experience ripe red cherries followed by citrus aromatic lemon.The aftertaste is very refreshing, sweet ripe strawberry with red apple and citrusy acidity like. The mouthfeel is very smooth and juicy. 


Though coffee growing had a relatively late start in Kenya, the industry has gained and maintained a impressive reputation. Since the start of production, Kenyan coffee has been recognized for its highquality, meticulous preparation and exquisite flavors.
Our in-country sister company, Sucafina Kenya, works with farmers across the country to ensure these exceptional coffees gain the accolades they

Today, more than 600,000 smallholders farming fewer than 5 acres compose 99% of the coffee farming population of Kenya. Their farms cover more than 75% of total coffee growing land and produce nearly 70% of the country’s coffee. These farmers are organized into hundreds of Farmer Cooperative Societies (FCS), all of which operate at least one factory. The remainder of annual production is grown and processed by small, medium and large land estates. Most of the larger estates have their own washing stations.

Most Kenyan coffees are fully washed and dried on raised beds. The country still upholds its reputation for high quality and attention to detail at its many washing stations. The best factories employ stringent sorting practices at cherry intake, and many of them have had the same management staff in place for years.


تقع كينيا في شرق أفريقيا وقد حظيت بالاعتراف بإنتاج واحدة من أفضل أنواع القهوة المتخصصة عالية الجودة والتي تتميز بنكهة تتميز بالتوهج والحموضة الشديدة في العالم. 

مثل هدية من الطبيعة، تجمع جبال غرب ووسط كينيا بين الكمية المناسبة من أشعة الشمس والأمطار، مما يوفر شروطًا ممتازة لزراعة نباتات القهوة. تربة البراكين الخصبة والحمض الفسفوري الوفير يجعل القهوة الكينية تذوق نظيفة وحيوية. 

مثل معظم القهوة الكينية، تم غسل هذه الكمية بالكامل. تتمتع هذه الدولة بسمعة كبيرة في الممارسات الجيدة والانتباه للتفاصيل في محطات الغسيل.

أولاً، يقوم المزارعون بالتقاط الكرز يدويًا بعناية ويسلمونها إلى محطة الغسيل. بمجرد وصولها إلى هناك، يتم فرز الكرز الأكثر نضجًا بعناية وتقشيرها وغسلها في مياه نظيفة لإزالة أي مواد لزجة متبقية. يتم فرز الغشاء الرطب ويتم استبعاد أي حبوب متضررة من الكمية. وأخيرًا، يتم نقل الغشاء إلى الأسرة المرتفعة لإنهاء عملية التجفيف لمدة حوالي أسبوعين، مع تحريكه بانتظام لمنع التشقق والتكثيف. 

تعتبر SL28 و SL34 من الأصناف الاستثنائية. تتميز بنكهة مذهلة وحموضة قوية. يأتي اسم SL من "مختبرات سكوت"، وهي برنامج بحثي بريطاني للقهوة كان يعمل في كينيا في العشرينيات والثلاثينيات من القرن الماضي.

في العطر، تفوح رائحة التفاح الأحمر النابضة بالحياة. في النكهة، ستشعر بالكرز الأحمر الناضج تليه الليمون الحمضي العطري. الطعم اللاحق منعش جدًا، والفراولة الناضجة الحلوة مع التفاح الأحمر والحموضة الحمضية. الإحساس بالفم ناعم جدًا وعصيري. 

Kenya Swara AA Washed – Sucafina-HK