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Powerup your coffee setup with the Felicita Arc Coffee Scale. Featuring 0.1g accuracy, bluetooth connectivity to an app, and a compact design, this scale’s perfect for espresso lovers who want to perfect their technique and process.

Measure your coffee grounds or espresso yield with 0.1g accuracy—the perfect amount of precision for espresso students. Measurements update instantly, ensuring you always know what’s happening on the scales in real-time. A 100g calibration weight ensures your scale is accurate out of the box.

The Felicita Coffee App enables you to record recipes and techniques, analyze your brewing process with visualized data, and helps you see recipes from others. The scale connects via bluetooth to make this possible.

The scale also features auto-tare and auto-timer modes that help you streamline your brewing process. And thanks to the water resistant build, heat resistant pad, and rechargeable battery, the whole device has a smooth, high-end feel about it.

The compact pocketable design makes this a great option for espresso drip trays, beneath grinders, and travel gear setups.


0.1g Precision — Measure up to 2,000 grams with as much precision as you could need.

Rapid Response Time — See measurement changes in real-time.

Multiple Modes — Brew more efficiently with auto-tare and auto-timer modes.

Water Resistant Facade — Keeps the internals safe in case of spills.

Bluetooth + Felicita Coffee App — Save recipes, see visualized brewing data, and use recipes from other coffee lovers.

Rechargeable Battery — Eliminates battery waste via a simple micro-usb cord.

Calibration Weight — 100g weight allows you to calibrate the scale immediately upon arrival.

Compact Design — Pocket-sized for use on drip trays and beneath grinders.


  • 1 x Felicita Arc Coffee Scale
  • 1 x Micro USB Scale
  • 1 x 100g Calibration Weight
  • 1 x Heat Resistant Pad


Materials Stainless Steel, BPA-Free Plastic, Rubber
Capacity 2,000g
Precision 0.1g
Power Lithium-ion USB Rechargeable
Dimensions 105x135x15.5mm
Weight 270g
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