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Espresso machine cleaning bundle
Espresso machine cleaning bundle
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Espresso machine cleaning bundle

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Espresso machine cleaning bundle All For 200 QR

Neo Barista Espresso Machine Cleaner (Tablet 2gr)

Tablet cleaner applied in periodical cleaning of home or industrial type espresso machines. Neo Barista Tablet is a product that is used periodically to clean coffee residues that occur in espresso machine and to prevent smells and stale coffee odors.

Neo Barista Milk System Cleaner (Liquid 1 Liter )

NEO BARISTA Milk System Cleaner
The milk dries on steam wands very quickly after the frothing process and dried milk is incredibly hard to remove once caked on. Caked-on milk will build up and within a couple of hours will begin to harbour bacteria that in turn gets injected into the fresh milk as it is steamed. Also at automatic cappuccino frother service machines, the milk proteins always stay inside the plastic pipe leading to bacteria and clogging. With the Neo Barista Milk System Cleaner, protein residues, bacteria and condensation in the pipes are removed and clogging of your machine is prolonged.

Neo Barista Grinder Cleaner (250 gr powder )

Just like your coffee maker, the machine used to grind the beans needs regular maintenance. Oils and particles cling to every nook and cranny inside, eventually leading to decreased performance — unless you take just a few minutes to clean it out every so often.
It is a 100% natural cleaner applied in periodic cleaning of domestic or professional coffee grinders.
It does not harm human health, does not break metal alloys, is a natural and gluten-free cleaner. Contains organic gluten-free grains and food-compatible combiners.
In the coffee mills, the oil is formed over time, the small particles adhering to the discs of the grinder, thus eliminating the odors that may occur, and the long life of your discs.
You do not need to disassemble your mill for detailed cleaning.
Simply empty the coffee container and put the specified amount of cleaner powder in it and run your grinder.
It is recommended to use 2 scales (30 g) in 1 mill (15 g) large industrial mills in small mills.