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ASCASO Steel Duo Pid
ASCASO Steel Duo Pid
ASCASO Steel Duo Pid
ASCASO Steel Duo Pid
ASCASO Steel Duo Pid
ASCASO Steel Duo Pid
ASCASO Steel Duo Pid
ASCASO Steel Duo Pid
ASCASO Steel Duo Pid
ASCASO Steel Duo Pid
ASCASO Steel Duo Pid
ASCASO Steel Duo Pid
ASCASO Steel Duo Pid
ASCASO Steel Duo Pid
ASCASO Steel Duo Pid
ASCASO Steel Duo Pid
ASCASO Steel Duo Pid
ASCASO Steel Duo Pid
ASCASO Steel Duo Pid
ASCASO Steel Duo Pid

ASCASO Steel Duo Pid

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                Brew Solutions Australia | Coffee Equipment Supplier Australia
The Ascaso Steel DUO PID Coffee Machine is state of the art looks and industry standard espresso making performance to go with it.  Using the utmost quality in manufacturing materials brings aluminium, stainless steel, with brass interiors with wooden finished handles on the portafilter together as standard on the Ascaso Steel DUO PID Coffee Machine.


STEEL    An industrial look for the home




 State of the Art                                                             

With Dual electronic PID controllers comes the ability to adjust and set your espresso machines brewing temperatures to be stable and offer plenty of steam pressure precisely at the flick of a button. These temperatures are held very stable by the using thermo block technology for faster heat up times and a dryer, more consistently on demand steam pressure. Couple this with an adjustable Over Pressure Valve (OPV) and your brewing espressos like the professional, capable of creating pressures upwards of 20 bars                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


 Pre infusion: Decide how much of a pre soak you need before extraction - perfect for more coffee cream.
 Coffee quantity :Preset coffee shots are ideal when you want to make a single or double shot - it will stop automatically.
 Pump pressure:After a few years the pump may loose its power and  that can easily be rectified by adjusting the OPV
 The temperature of the boiler to suit your blend coffee and adjust the dose of coffee dose. The PID is very handy, if you need to make the shot at the exact temperature ie 92ºC - you can change boiler temperature from 85ºC - 110ºC via PID screen.
 Standby : Decide when machine powers down to standby mode  30 Min. 60 Min. or 2 hours
Coffee timer  : Decide if you want it turned on or off
ºC ºF    Temperature: Choose Celsius or Fahrenheit

Industry Standards in Espresso Brewing

Cafe’s have long been brewing with 58mm size filter baskets. The Ascaso Steel DUO PID Coffee Machine includes this size in filter baskets that matches the ideal ratio for the perfect espresso brewing at home. Control your steaming and not get burnt with a double walled, cool to touch steam wand. Automated brew functions then let you choose from a single to double espresso brewing automatically and a Stand-by option for when you need it ready when you are. 

Ideal for: Home Espresso and Latte Drinkers. 1 -10 cups a day.


Full Control over the Temperatures — Using separate PID controls for brewing and steaming goes along way to temperature stability and control. Set it up once and enjoying the benefits.

Brew and Steam at the same time — Thermo blocks provide a much faster and reliable delivery of temperatures to where you need it. With no boiler to rely on, you can steam and brew with ease.

Automatic Brewing Functions — Brew endless cups of consistent coffee with volumized automatic, stainless steel brewing switches.

360º Cool to touch steam wand — No more burns. Steam with confidence and have the focus you need without worrying about the heat.

Cup warmer — Heats your mugs to comfortably warm temperature.

Thermo block Stand-by mode — Keeps the thermo block running on energy saving till you need to brew again. Thermo blocks bring much more energy efficient than keeping a boiler of water heated.


Thermoblock group Thermal stability. Quality in cup.
Less limescale build-up. Stainless steel circuit reduces limescale build-up.
Unlimited steam.Constant pressure. No damage to the heating element caused by low water levels.

Healthy 100%. AISI 316 stainless steel water circuit. No metal migration in water. Complies with European standard EN 16889.

Clean water. Here it is constantly renewed and clean for every coffee. The taste and smell of the coffee are unaffected. As the water does not stand in the boiler, being constantly re-heated, quality is not affected.

Wooden handles and knobs Ergonomic. Warm natural feel.
Ø58 mm Professional Basket 


All Steel range.

Ø60 mm professional group.



Professional filters
As well as the traditional filters, Steel features the latest coffee-making technology, with the new 'super-froth' filter for an extra-frothy espresso. These special pressurised filters for 1 or 2 cups ensure the frothiest coffee regardless of the coffee blend or grinding method used. 

5 professional filters standard (2 traditional, 2 pressurized, 1 monodose E.S.E.)


Volumetric coffee (Dose control) based on water/coffee ratio

Two options: Small or large coffee

Non burn single hole steam wand

Heat-resistant steam nozzle

All Steel range. Stainless steel. Multidirectional 360°. Heat-resistant. Easy to clean.

Powerful steam/hot water
The new aluminium + stainless steel group guarantees continuous, unlimited steam. The life of the piece is now much longer thanks to the fact that lime scale does not     build up on the stainless steel circuit.

Competition 58mm basket for 58mm coffee tampers                  
Adjust the pump pressure with easy access OP valve

Pressure gauge

Along with the PID temperature control, this enables complete control of the machine.



2-litre water reservoir
Can be removed for easy maintenance, cleaning and visual access, allowing the user to quickly check the amount of water in the chamber. The reservoir can be filled with the coffee machine in operation.

Metal switches
The high quality of the machine makes it a pleasure to use. Emphasises the industrial look. Leds.

Lighting for work area Look at the light!



for each group, (up to 8 possible options ranging from 90°C to 106°C). We guarantee a maximum deviation of +/-1.5°C. In continuous or intermittent use. From the first coffee to the very last.

The traditional boiler and bimetal thermostats offered a deviation value of up to +/-5°C.

With electronic management, the amount of water entering the group is based on the machine’s temperature (not on the amount of water inside, as in the case of the boiler), by changing the pump activation frequency, thereby always producing dry steam.

The steam pressure in the first 10 seconds is superior with the boiler system but, as no water is added, that pressure runs out over time. With Thermoblock, the pressure is continuous and unlimited.

The boiler system is much less reliable in terms of element durability. Lack of water causes the system to ‘struggle’ when using steam services. Additionally, in the boiler system, use of a steam service requires the user to fill the boiler manually afterwards.

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